Swap your old phone for a new forest

We recycle your old phone and use the money to plant trees

It's Free and as Easy as One - Two - Tree 🌳

Overhead view of a forest

Presenting Treecycling

We turn old phones into green, leafy trees.

We make money from recycling your old phone and spend that cash planting trees.

Easy as One-Two-Tree

Simply answer a few simple questions about your phone. We'll tell you how many trees it's worth and arrange a hassle-free pick up of your old phone and get planting.

Your old phone might be worth a lot ore trees than you think

Create the forest of you

How it works

Three simple steps:

01 Tell us about your phone

Got an old phone? Great. Answer a few questions (here) and we'll tell you how many trees its worth.

 an iphone 7
iPhone 7 = 65 trees
That means if you send us your old iPhone 7. We'll recycle it and plant 65 trees on your behalf.
an iphone x
iPhone X = 100 trees
Could be worth up to 100 trees
Takes less than < 4mins
Answer a few quick questions and you're set to go

02 Send us your phone

We send a postage paid padded envelope to your house. Pop your phone inside and send it to us.

Your data is safe
Don't worry we send clear,comprehensive instructions on how to completly erase all your data from the phone.
We'll give new life to your phone
a forest

03 We'll recycle your phone and plant a bunch of trees on your behalf

We plant in a sustainable way.
Helping the local community is our core value.
We partner with the best tree planting programs across the world.
We aim to get the best value for money/environmental impact.
Our main tree planting partner is in Tanzania, Africa.
They have planted over 16,547,900 (over 16 million!) trees and counting....

Frequently asked questions

How exactly does this work?

We recycle your old phone:

That might mean it is reused or it might mean that it is taken apart and the parts are used to repair phones(both are good for the environment).

Either way we receive money for this service. We then use this money to plant trees.

Fill out this form by answering a few simple questions.

We’ll tell you how many green, leafy trees your old phone is worth.

We’ll send you a padded pre-paid envelope to send us your phone and keep you updated. Then we'll recycle your phone and get planting.

Easy as One, Two, Tree.

Recycle my phone

Where do you plant trees?

We partner with the best tree planting programs across the world. We aim to get the best value for money/environmental impact. Our main tree planting partner is in Tanzania, Africa.

Our tree planting partner is called Friends of Usambara society. This is from the email they sent me in 2019 when I first contacted them about planting trees:

"I have ready your mail with great interest, in deed the world needs more people like you to reforest the planet and help to slow global climate change. Thank you. We are all interested to plant trees with you for the better save of planet. For the past 5 years, FoU has been working with 4HMT and other stake holders on a large-scale tree planting project in the West Usambara Mountains of northern Tanzania. So far we've planted about 15 million trees, and FOU hopes to plant 20 million this year."

You can find out more about them or donate trees here

forest map
Can I get an instant quote on how many trees my phone is worth?

Sorry not yet. We are very new so we are assessing each phone personally.

I want to write an article/conduct an interview Sure, just get in touch via the widget in the bottom right. You can also see press coverage of previous stuff I've made at MattGordon.xyz. Previous projects have been featured in Vice, Mail Online, HypeBeast, The Sun, El Pais and many others
Can I recycle my old iPad,Apple watch or something else?

Possibly. Contact us and we’ll try our best to arrange it (via the widget in the bottom right of the page).

Who made this?

Hi I'm Matt. I previously made Bufferi.ng (a tool to fake a bad connection on Zoom) and TwikTwok.

You can see my portfolio at MattGordon.xyz.

Also check out thisSongPlantsTrees.com It's a magical song that reforests the world just by listening to it.

Tanya Kurkova from TechTwoX helped greatly with social media on this project.

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Hi, I'm Matt. I previously made viral apps TwikTwok (called "oddly soothing" by Vice) and Bufferi.ng ("Product of the year"- Ryan Hoover).

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